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Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Cape Bottle Company

21 Hedges Pond Rd.

Plymouth, Ma. 023670


Wholesale Glass Bottles, Glass Jars, & Plastic Containers No Minimum Dollar Requirement
(Bulk Pricing Is Also Available)

Purchase Wholesale high quality food grade glass bottles and glass jars. We supply glass and plastic containers for all your packaging needs at great-wholesale prices.  We service all size businesses, from small businesses to larger size businesses and have no minimum dollar requirement, from single cases to pallet quantities we are your number one bottle source.
We've got you COVERED! Metal Closures, Plastic Closures, Dispensing caps, Droppers, Lotion Pumps, Fine mist sprayers

Please call us @ 1-888-833-6307 or email us: bottle@tiac.net if you are looking for a specific item not shown in our Shop Now page.  We are here to service all  your wholesale packaging needs!

Cream Jars, Bottle Company in Plymouth, Massachusetts

A Company to Count On

Learn why Cape Bottle Company Inc. is your go-to source for bottles, jars, and containers. We are proud to celebrate 18 years of experience as a premier bottle company.

Contact us for more information about products from our bottle company.

Customer Service

You are important to us!
Customer Service is our highest priority! Call us, we will be happy to help you with any questions or information you may need in placing your order.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for fast processing of your orders. We offer several different options for shipping your orders. For Local customers you can pick up your orders at our facility.


About Us

Cape Bottle Company Inc., Wholesale Distributors of Glass and Plastic Containers, has 18 years of experience in the packaging industry and can meet all your packaging needs. We service the Food industries, Farmers markets, Food co-ops, Bee Keepers, Candle makers, Soap makers, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapists, Home based cottage industries, Canners, Farmers, Crafters, school projects, any business that needs a container, glass or plastic, we look forward to servicing you.

Celebrating 18 Years in Business  |  Proudly Offering Nationwide Service

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Glass Bottles | Glass Jars | Bulk Mason Jars | Glass Canning Jars

Let Cape Bottle Company INC. meet your glass bottles, glass jars, bulk mason jars, and glass canning jars packaging needs at wholesale prices.
Glass Bottles, Glass Jars, Bulk Mason Jars, Glass Canning Jars

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